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Teacher Tim (Online)

English Language, English Literature, Creative Writing, Drama/Theatre

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Service Description

I am firmly convinced that teaching is much more than a job; it is a vocation and those of us who are the best practitioners, possess the gift of being able to inspire the students we teach to achieve their full potential. Having been a teacher since 1975 I am certain that I have done this in every school within which I have worked and that the pupils I have taught have benefited academically, socially and morally from the time we have spent together. In terms of my academic qualifications, I have been a certified teacher since 1975, I have a Literature and Arts based undergraduate degree from The Open University which I obtained in 1985, a Master’s Degree in Victorian Literature from Liverpool University which I obtained in 1991 and then from The Open University again, a second Master’s Degree, this time in Creative Writing which I completed last year. During a career teaching English and Drama that spans over four decades, in the UK I have taught in a variety of state comprehensive schools and two independent schools. I have also taught in two private schools abroad, first in Saudi Arabia and then in Azerbaijan. In these schools I have taught English and Drama up to A Level, and American High School Diploma in Saudi Arabia and IGCSE and IBDP in Azerbaijan. I have also been very successful in every school in which I have taught and the major reasons for my success I would ascribe to my enthusiasm for my subject coupled with a highly developed subject knowledge and a strong sense of humour. As well as a wealth of experience as a teacher both in the UK and abroad, I also have considerable experience as a tutor from my time working in the North-West of England where I worked a private tutor for several families and also for Cheshire LEA where I tutored a disabled 6th Form student in his home. My approach to teaching is to make students think by questioning the text in front of them. I rarely give answers straight off, instead I encourage my students to analyse and deconstruct a text so that they begin to see it through my eyes. I also consider myself to be very well qualified academically, having now obtained two Master’s degrees in English, one academic the other creative. My qualifications coupled with my teaching experience I feel make me an expert in the teaching of my subject; an expertise that I consider ideally suited to online tutoring where in a 1-to-1 environment I can really help my students grow in confidence and understanding.