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Tutor Referral

Jumbo Tutor devotes to arrange tutors/trainers to corporate, schools and individual clients.

Our team comprises of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students from local colleges and overseas universities, full-time tutors, current and retired school teachers and professionals from different trades and professions.

Jumbo Tutor strives to provide low-price, proficient and reliable tutors/trainers to grant our students the best education and trainings.

Parent/Student registration and using our tutor referral service for FREE:

Parent/student can simply fill in the following form and we will then proceed on the tutor referral service.

Services include:

‧Provides tutor referral service for home, tutorial centres, schools, organizations

‧Provides private tutor/ trainers (e.g. languages, music, sports) referral service

‧Provides study advice for students

‧Provides case studies and follow-ups

‧Provides an effective communication channel for parents/students and tutors

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