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About the Course

This course will help your students develop the language needed for effective communication in daily conversation and various context. The course aims to provide the practical skills and communication skills required to succeed in a Japanese-speaking environment, allowing your students to express confidence in dealing with various daily scenarios.

Course Level

Beginner to Advanced

Course Content

This course will be tailor made to meet your organization's specific learning goals, such as,

  • Teach how to use Japanese in daily life

  • Stimulate creative thinking and analytical skills by dealing with different situations

  • Train key language skills and cross-cultural communication skills through different sets of activities, e.g. role plays, games, arts, cooking , etc.

  • Able to prepare students for certification exams such as JPLT

Course Features

  • Taught by a native-level Japanese speaker, allowing student to learn foreign accents while learning

  • Learn online or face to face to interact with teachers in a safe and comfortable environment

  • Small group teaching mode, so that each student has more opportunities to speak

Course Results

After completing this course, your students can expect to,

  • Express self in Japanese more confidently

  • Improve vocabulary and grammar

  • Gain a comprehensive view of the Japanese language and culture

  • Get ready to advance to the next level and prepare for public examinations


A quotation will be sent upon request

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